Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Health Problems with Monster

I agree with the fact that there are many health problems dealing with Monster Energy Drinks. People who drink Monster get put into the hospital sometimes when they drink energy drinks and Monster is one of the ones that causes a whole bunch of problems. I do occasionally drink Monster as well and I know that there are alot of health problems that are going to result from drinking the energy drinks. I already get really hyper from being in everyday life, but the extra sugar and other things they put in Monster just make me even more hyper and that is why some people get really bad health problems. I hope that at some point everyone agrees with me for the health problems resulting from Monster and other Energy drinks that cause alot of problems. Really, honestly, the Monster and other energy drinks have always claimed to give people energy, for which they do but they also make people have really bad hyperness and otherthings.

- Pants


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